Animal Scales

Digital Factory Scale Solutions supplies Animal Scales suitable for use in the office or in the field, we provide the durability and dependability required for all types of veterinary and animal weighing needs.. In the veterinarian's office, on the farm, or at the zoo, our scales can be used for lab testing, preparing medicines, checking the weight of small pets and large livestock, and monitoring food portions

MTB Animal Scale

Versatile and portable, the MTB animal scale offers excellent value for veterinarians, pet groomers, breeders, farmers, or anyone needing to weigh small animals.

Astro® Compact Scales

Ideal for food service tasks, Astro portioning scales feature a large pan and easy-to-clean stainless steel construction. Readings are shown in green on the large display, changing to red if too much weight is placed on the scale.

PT Platforms

Compatible with several Adam indicators, the PT is designed to weigh pallets, crates and large containers. PT contains an innovative X frame beneath the platform, which reinforces and strengthens the platform for improved support.

LBK Weighing Scales

Lightweight and portable, LBK is a superb value for factories, warehouses, labs and offices. Cleaning is simple with the removable stainless steel pan and sealed keypad, while results are highly visible on the large, backlit display.

Highland® Portable Precision Balances

Highland® balances are well-suited for lab work, field use, and many industrial applications

Nimbus® Precision Balances

Designed to be durable, Nimbus precision balances feature solid metal construction throughout the balance to withstand chemicals and rigorous daily use.


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