Laboratory Scales

Digital factory Scale Solutions offers a comprehensive selection of precision balances, analytical balances and moisture analyzers created for laboratories. Durable construction and smart features make our balances ideal for all lab applications, including weighing chemicals, pharmaceutical processing and quality control checking.

CB Compact Balances

The CB compact scale boasts best-in-class performance and value. Its grade 304 stainless steel pan, sealed keypad and one-piece housing are easy to clean, while built-in battery operation means it can be used anywhere.

Core® Portable Compact Balances

No balance can beat the Core for basic weighing value. Core's housing is simple to clean and designed to stack for easy storage. A basic keypad with dual tare keys makes Core balances easy to use.

Dune® Portable Compact Balances

With a user-friendly, low-profile design, the Dune offers simple operation using just three buttons: on/off, unit, and tare. The portable Dune is AC or battery operated, delivering reliable readings in the lab or field.

CPWplus Bench and Floor Scales

Durable and versatile, CPWplus series features a wide selection of sizes and configurations.CPWplus is suited for many types of weighing in the field, warehouse or lab.

Nimbus® Analytical Balances

Designed with scientists in mind, the Nimbus series of balances offers a range of models that deliver readabilities of 0.1mg.

Nimbus® Precision Balances

Designed to be durable, Nimbus precision balances feature solid metal construction throughout the balance to withstand chemicals and rigorous daily use.


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